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Dance team: Welcome New Coach!

Posted Date: 10/06/2021

Dance team: Welcome New Coach!

After a long year without a team at all, the dance team returns with a new coach, Ms. Winters. 


Winters is a former Abilene High student who was part of the dance team for her 4 years as a high schooler.   


“It's really cool to be back coaching the team I was on.” 


Only 7 girls made the dance team. Their names are; Ashlee Radabaugh, Lexi Tyler, Jennifer Valdivia, Yadi Valdivia, Sofia Bracho and, Alexianna Barham. 


One of the dance team’s main goals is to energize the crowd. 


 “Staying up with the latest trendy songs and getting the crowd more involved during our performances is one of the main things I want to achieve with the team this year,” said Coach Winters. 


The way they are going to fulfill this goal is by practicing every Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday from 7:30 to 8:30 in the evening, and then days of the game they will go down to the football field earlier and practice with the band to make sure everybody knows where they are supposed to stand and then it’s showtime.  


The dance team’s first performance is going to be in the home football game on September 3rd.  


They are going to dance during football and basketball season. And all the girls and the coach are thrilled about everything that is going to happen.  


Winters brings with her a lot of experience, specifically in our local community. 


“I started dancing at a studio here in town called dance & motion, it’s now owned by a girl who was also in the dance team here she has named it “Poetry and movement” so that’s kinda where I started. My mom was actually asking if I wanted to do art classes or dance and I was pretty stuck on art but I’m glad I ended up going with dance because it’s now giving me a future,” said Winters.