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Weather Guidelines

Inclement Weather Delay and Cancellation Information

In allevents, a phone call will be sent to parents through school messenger(please check with school secretary to assure you have the correct phonenumber on file). Delays, cancelations, and early releases will alsoappear on local TV and radio stations.

Types of Events:

School Delay for 2 hours: Everything will move back for 2 hours. If your child’s schoolbegins at 8:10am, with at 2 hour delay, they will begin school at10:10am.

  1- Please have plans to drop off your child 2 hours later from normal start time.
  2- No Breakfast will be served.
  3- Busses will run normal schedule but delayed 2 hours.
  4- School will be dismissed at normal time.
  5- Any morning activities that were to occur will be cancelled.

2) School Cancellation:

   1- Students will not be in school all day.
   2- Any evening activities will be cancelled.
   3- Any practices will be optional and approved by the athletic director depending on the weather situation later in the day.

3) Early Release: A school messenger message will be sent to all parents and the early release will be reported to the TV and radio stations in our area.

   1- Please let your K-5 school know plans for your child for an early dismissal for inclement weather.
Athletic practices or other extra curricular activities will be cancelled.
   3- Parents of students riding busses: Please make arrangements for your child to be safe after an early release drop off.
   4-  If there are any questions, please call your child’s school.