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PLEASE NOTE: Not all scholarships are for the current school year. The current scholarships have a due date in  ORANGE. The scholarships with a due date in PURPLE are the previous year’s scholarships, but will possibly be offered again. They are left on the website so students can see what will possibly be offered. Click the title of the scholarship to download the application or go to the external website for the scholarship. The listed ones at the bottom of the page are national scholarships. We are trying to focus more on state and local, yet want to give you the opportunity to explore.

March 15
Applications are now being accepted for a pair of $1,000 scholarships through the Greyhound Hall Of Fame.

The Greyhound Hall of Fame sponsors two $1,000 scholarships.
Jason Dean Hunt Scholarship
Edward J. Keelan III Memorial Scholarship
The purpose of the scholarships is to encourage post high school education to persons connected with the sport of Greyhound racing.

March 20, 2022
The Community Foundation administers over forty (40) scholarships, turning dreams of higher education into a reality.  Our scholarship application process begins in December. Scholarship applications will be available online from December 20 until March 20. Click the above link to apply.

Due   Scholarship & LInk Who
3/1/22   Beauty and Wellness Professional Scholarship All Students
3/1/22   KSHSAA True Blue Scholarship HS Sr
3/1/22   Cloud Foundation Scholarship HS Sr
3/1/22   Kansas 4-H Scholarships 4-H Member
3/1/22   Ellis Foundation Evergy/Haines-Weber Lineman/Craft Scholarships HS Sr
3/1/22   Kansas Farm Bureau Scholarship Varies
3/1/22   SkillsUSA Kansas Scholarship HS Jr, Sr, College
3/1/22 LOCAL Sean D. Biggs Memorial Scholarship German Student
3/4/22   Butler Community College Music, Theatre & Mass Communications Scholarship Auditions HS Sr
3/4/22   TCT Board Scholarship
TCT Foundation for RuralService Scholarships
3/4/22 National United Methodist Church Scholarships Varies
3/9/22 LOCAL AFA Leader and Academic Scholarship HS Sr
3/12/21   BBB Student of Integrity Award Scholarship HS Sr
3/12/22   McPherson College Presidential Scholarship Competition HS Sr
3/11/22   Combined Scholarship Fund of Greater Fort Riley, Inc (CSF) HS Sr Alumni
3/15/22 LOCAL Jason Dean Hunt Greyhound Hall of Fame HS Sr
3/15/22   Sigma Phi Epsilon HS Sr
3/18/22   KACRAO Scholarship HS Sr
3/31/22   KCCEOA Scholarship HS Sr
3/15/22   Kansas Masonic Scholarships
(Brochure with Eligibility Information)
HS Sr Col Stu
3/20/22 LOCAL Community Foundation of Dickinson County Scholarships (Multiple Scholarship AHS students) Varies
3/22/22 LOCAL

PEO Chapter CZ Memorial Scholarships 
(Era Jane Laing and Sharon Sweatland)

3/25/22 LOCAL Greg N. Wade Scholarship (Submit to Guidance Office) HS Sr
3/31/22 LOCAL Abilene Aviation Association Scholarship Grant HS Sr
3/29/22 LOCAL Kansas County Clerks & Election Officials Association Scholarship HS Sr Alumni
3/30/22 LOCAL LaVerne Allen Scholarship HS Sr Col Stu
3/30/22 LOCAL Christie Carl AIAE KSU Atchitecture Scholarship AHS Female Sr
3/31/22 LOCAL KJIL Go Scholarship HS Sr
3/31/22 LOCAL Trinity Evangelical Lutheran Scholarship HS Sr
3/31/22   VFW Young American Creative Patriotic Art Contest Gr 9-12
3/30/22   Wichita Community Foundation Scholarship Varies

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