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New College and Military Deny Letter

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Military Deny Letter

Every year we receive requests from various colleges, universities, and military services for student names, address and home phone numbers. Under the No Child Left Behind Provisions (Section 9528 of ESEA) a parent may deny these institutions access to their child’s home address and phone number, if they so choose. No Child Left Behind Provisions (Section 9528 of ESEA) - brief Armed Forces Recruiting - requires each LEA that receives funds under ESEA to provide, upon request by military recruiter or an institution of higher education, access to names, addresses, and telephone listings for secondary students. However, parents may request that such information not be released for their child without prior parental consent. LEA’s must give military recruiters the same access to secondary students as LEA’s provide to post-secondary institutions and prospective employers. Please note that when Abilene High School provides this information to these institutions, it offers them the opportunity to; 1. further their education through tuition assistance and scholarships, 2. contemplate a variety of valuable job skills, experiences and employer opportunities and 3. investigate all education and career options. Our counselors work diligently to provide all of Abilene’s students with as many post high school opportunities as possible. All student lists released to post-secondary institutions is done to aid students in their chosen endeavors. However, if you do not want your child’s home address and phone number released to post- secondary education institutions (college, universities, etc.) or military services, please fill in the appropriate information below: Kody Gentry Abilene High School 1300 N. Cedar St. Abilene, KS 67410 Thank you, Ben Smith Principal

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