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Abilene Virtual School


Goals for AVS students: All Students will reach high standards academically. All students will graduate.

Students who enroll in Abilene Virtual School (AVS) will receive instruction through an online program monitored by AHS teachers. School work in AVS is consistent with what students in the traditional classroom work on. Almost all core classes can be covered with AVS, while most elective courses will take place in Abilene High School. Students who would like to participate in extra-curricular activities as an AVS student may do so, as long as they are enrolled in at least one class in AHS. Students who choose this option become full time virtual students and must take at least 4 online courses, with additional classes at AHS to supplement their online courses.  Completers of AVS will earn an Abilene High School diploma.  AVS students need to be self-motivated learners who can progress through their classes with minimal teacher support. 

Entrance is based on an interview with student, parent, AHS principal, counselor and AVS director.

See the current Curriculum Guide on the Guidance Office Page for more information.

Program Director:  Brian Roth

Contact: or

call the District Office (785) 263-2630