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New Students

2024-25 Enrollment


Before you enroll your child, please fill out

the form that most relates to your family!!




Do you live in district?

(Don’t know if you are in district? Click Here for district map boundaries)


YES                                             NO

Click Here                                    Click Here


Enrollment Options

- Online Enrollment Starts July 15th

- On-site Enrollment Dates

If you need assistance or would rather enroll at school,

here are dates and times the schools are open to help.

You will have the ability to enroll all your students at one time!





Kennedy 1501 N Kuney St

Aug 5 (3pm-8pm) & Aug 6 (8am-12pm)

McKinley 112 N Rogers St

Aug 5 (3pm-8pm) & Aug 6 (8am-12pm)

Eisenhower 1101 N Vine St Aug 5 (3pm-8pm) & Aug 6 (8am-12pm)
Abilene Middle School 500 NW 14th St Aug 5 (3pm-8pm) & Aug 6 (8am-12pm)
Abilene High School 1300 N Cedar St Aug 5 (3pm-8pm) & Aug 6 (8am-12pm)





K-12 Fees

Textbooks, workbooks, & other instructional resources

may be rented from the school district.  A list of

additional school supplies needed for each grade

level or course may be obtained during enrollment or

through the school office. 

Fees may be paid by credit/debit card, cash or check.


K-5          $65.00

AMS          $75.00

AHS         $75.00

iPads          $40.00 (6th-12th)

(Additional AHS lab or course fees charged accordingly)



more information


Nurse's Information     Insurance Form     Physical Form


Non Resident Form     Out of District Transportation Form     District Map


school links


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