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Cowboy Joe Tradition Promises a Good Time!

Posted Date: 11/16/2021

Cowboy Joe Tradition Promises a Good Time!

Cowboy QRBy Alice Bathurst

The craziest week at the high school year is under way! It’s Cowboy Joe time, a tradition exclusive to our school. Five candidates were nominated last week: Braden Adams, Miqueas Mazo, Sam Burton, Kaleb Becker, Eli Prater by the senior class. Immediately, their campaign teams began creating slogans and social media followings.  On Sunday, the teams decorated the school with posters and each morning before school the Joe candidates traditionally shower the student body with “sweet” reasons to vote for them.

The week is also full of other competitions and games. The annual Extreme Volleyball game will be Monday at 4pm, and the Powderpuff football game with be Tuesday at 4pm, both events sponsored by STUCO.

Also on both Monday and Tuesday nights, the yearbook staff is opening up the high school to all students from 6-9pm. This time allows candidates to work on their campaign skits, and for the students to have fun playing games and supporting their Joes.


Students enjoy dressing up with a wide range of Spirit Week themes.  Monday is “Country vs. Country Club.”  Tuesday is “Mathletes vs. Athletes.”  Wednesday is “Dress as Your Fave Famous Person.”  Thursday is “Anything But a Backpack.”  And Friday finishes with “Campaign Colors” day in support of your favorite Joe candidate.

During the week candidates create skits to impress the student body and earn votes.  The candidate’s will perform their skits live on Friday during seminar in the pep assembly in the main gym. Voting will also be open during that time for the student body to cast their ballot.  The week culminates with a big finish as the winning 2021 Cowboy Joe will be announced Friday Night at a party called Cowboy Night from 6-8pm. The entry cost is $3.  Students are encouraged to dress comfortably in campaign colors for one last night of competitive games in an effort to score a prized trophy and bragging rights.

For more info on the week’s events scan the QR code or visit this link.

If you want more votes for your Joe, here are some ways! 

  • Buy a Yearbook +1 (
  • Donate Blood +1
  • Donate the Most Winter Clothing +10

Follow the Candidates on Instagram

  • @braden4joe
  • @sam_4_joe
  • @eli4joe
  • @kaleb4joe
  • @miqueasforjoe