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Meet the New Booster Ghost Writer

Posted Date: 12/15/2021

Ghost Writer LogoBy Libby Kohler

Halloween may be over, but a ghost has just joined the Booster staff. Or should I say the Boooooster staff? Okay, maybe I shouldn’t.  

The point is, there is now a ghost writer that you will most certainly hear from. However, this secret someone wants to hear from you first. Send in all your questions about school, teenage life, fashion, or almost anything HERE.  

They are looking forward to helping you and giving out all kinds of solicited advice. Send us your questions and dilemmas, and we will pass it on to the ghost writer.  

You will be able to see their responses on the Booster website, so keep an eye out for new updates! And don’t forget to tell your friends about this undercover character.  

The Booster staff members have promised not to reveal the ghost writer’s secret identity, so if you want to know so badly who it is, you will just have to hunt for clues yourself.