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Spring Media Day Behind The Scenes

Posted Date: 03/30/2022

Spring Media Day Behind The Scenes


By: Sofi Bracho

Media day is an event fully directed by students that are involved in media classes, this season spring media day took place on march 24th this year. The media staff worked really hard to be able to take pictures of all our student athletes. There were 5 stations in total, the students first took their muscle shots after, they took their headshots,then they took videos in front of a green screen were the students had fun taking videos with their coaches and teammates, lastly they went to a brand new station that was created this season, this one instead of being at the main gym it took place in auditorium were our staff had fog machines and color LED lights, finally they took their group pictures and if they were a senior they were interviewed with their coaches about their expectations for this upcoming season. It was a really fun day where all the media staff students were able to manage photography like they would do in colleges or real jobs while having fun with their friends and classmates. 


You can go to on instagram to see some of these awesome pictures and videos. There is so much cool content coming out soon!