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FAQ About Fees

What if a parent needs to cancel a contract before the end of the year?

Parent may cancel a contract before the start of any month. They will need to pay for the full month they are currently enrolled.

Are scholarships available? 

When you receive reduced payments due to your financial statement for the lunch program, it is considered a scholarship.

Can I get a scholarship for the amount beyond the reduced payment?

Yes, you can receive additional scholarship money. An additional scholarship form will need to be filled out at the time of enrollment.

Are full scholarships available?

Full scholarships are very rare. The local businesses and community members who provide the scholarship money feel it is important for everyone to pay something.

Who decides which families will receive a scholarship?

A scholarship committee chosen by the Abilene School District. 

Will my fee be prorated if my child starts in the middle of a month?

We will charge you by the number of days left in the month.