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FAQ After School Program

What days are the After Schools program in session.

The program is in session Monday thur Friday. If we have a full day of school, we are usually in session. The only exception to this rule are days we dismiss at 1:15 and on parent & teachers conference days. We will post notes when the program is not in session.


After School Hours

After School hours are from after school to 5:30 PM.

Do I have to pay for the days my child doesn't attend the program?

Yes, you do have to pay for days your child doesn't attend.

What is the fee structure for the program?

The fees are based off of what you pay for your lunches. If you pay full price for lunch then the cost is $5.00 per day. If you pay the reduced fee, the cost is $3.00 per day.  If you receive free lunches, the cost is $2.00 a day.

We have divided the yearly cost for the after school program into 9 equal monthly payments. This will help you know your monthly payment and not need to wait for an invoice.


Are there Scholarships?

 We have scholarship funds. You need to complete a scholarship form to be able to receive a fee reduction. A form is available on this website.

Accounting question?

All accounting questions should be addressed to Amanda Brown. She is in charge of the accounting for both programs. She can be contacted at Her after school cell phone number is 785-491-8341.

Where is the after school program held?

Kindergarteners and First graders will be at Kennedy when the program is in session. 
Second, Third, Fourth and Fifth graders will be at Eisenhower until 5:30 PM Monday thru Friday.  For 2nd - 5th graders who have a sibling in the Kennedy program, they will be bused to Kennedy around 4:45. 


Can my child be dropped off at a different building?

There is no bus drop at McKinley at the end of the day.

Will my student travel off school property?

Yes, your child will travel off school property in the 2nd - 5th grade program. Mr. Brown will take them to different locations around the city. He will keep you informed through the use of notes and a monthly calendar on this website.

When is the pick up time?

All students should be picked up by 5:30. Please contact the program if you are going to be late. A pick up after 5:45 is considered late and a late charge will be added to your monthly fee.

Did the fee change any for 2018-19 school year?

The fee did change at the Middle School level. Students on full lunches will pay $54 a month. Students on Reduced or Free lunches will pay $36.


Who do I contact if I have additional questions.

Chris Cooper is the administrator at the district level. You can contact him at 263-2630/

Dan Brown is the director of the program. You can contact him at 491-8347/263-1643

Amanda Brown is the before and after school billing person. You can contact her at 491-8341/